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Not Impressive Statistic

Thursday, December 1st, 2005

Last week, I saw this ad in my AuctionBytes newsletter:

Who Do You Call at Your Auction Site for Advice or Problems?

In a recent survey, 90.47% of sellers on Bid4Assets said that their Account Managers are knowledgeable and professional in helping them grow their business. Our hands-on approach, affluent buyer base, and buyer’s premium makes us the #1 site for selling your higher-valued items.

90.47%. If that were an eBay seller’s positive feedback percentage, they would be looked at as a BAD seller. Most consider 97% or 98% or higher a good seller. So here is someone promoting that 90.47% (not 90.5%) had something good to say about their account manager.

I don’t think I’m impressed! In fact, this seems like bad marketing. Hopefully this wasn’t manipulated and it’s not lower in reality!

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