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eBay Spring Seller Update 2013 – Focus on efficiency and sales!

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

It is that time of year for eBay sellers when they look forward (and also slightly dread at times) to the eBay Spring Seller Update

Lets have a look at the key features:

Free listings for ALL sellers!

Every seller will get up to 50 free listings per month with no insertion fees for auction and fixed price listings. eBay Store sellers can get even more so set up that store if you have not already. You get a ton of other benefits too. Keeping with the FREE though, store sellers get up to 2,500 free listings per month.

New Store Plans

eBay have moved towards a simplified store subscription plan for sellers. So check if you will now SAVE money by upping or subscribing to eBay stores. Here is the breakdown: eBay Spring Store Fees Simplification

The snazzy eBay fee illustrator will help you with this process.

Feedback removed if case is resolved in your favor

Yep, buyers can’t get tasty with you via feedback if they lose a case. More detailed information here: Feedback Protection when Seller Wins a Case

New style immediate payment to reduce unpaid item cases

In theory this sounds FANTASTIC, however as a buyer it might upset me a little as I like to buy MULTIPLE items and then can’t checkout on mobile. Normally, the next day I have to get to my PC and combine there. If it has sold out by that time, well that equates to an angry buyer who wanted to combine shipping. This might force more sellers down the free shipping route and having to manually combine single mobile checkouts.

Many fixed price and auction-style items purchased with Buy It Now not sold until the buyer pays

This will also happen with eligible best offers.

Picture quality is being ENFORCED

eBays words not mine. They mean business when it comes to cleaning up pictures. You have till JULY to clean up those images. See the detail here: Quality Pictures Count

There is a LOT going on in this update so check out the Spring Release eBay Seller Update Checklist and get on PLAN!

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