3-Ounce Bottles

Tuesday, 21 August 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

We can take 3-ounce bottles on planes. I saw a news piece earlier this month on how that amount was calculated. Evidently, it started with the attempt to use a liquid-based bomb on a flight. The government studied how much liquid they had and how big the explosion would be. They then calculated how much liquid could people bring on where the explosion I guess would not blow apart the plane… or who knows what standard they used.

But here is something they evidently forgot. What if someone is travelling with a teen tour. Or a family group. Or friends. Or a group of whatever. And each person brings 3 ounces of their liquid bomb. Next thing you know, you have 30 ounces of liquid bomb with 10x the explodo-power.

So this tells me that the whole 3 ounces is another masturbation. Once again, if someone really wants to take a plane down, there are LOTS of ways to do it. I’m against it of course, but I think these things our (and other) goverments do claiming we’re safer are just ridiculous. I think the water bottle lobby is behind this one.

I look forward to when I can fly with a 3-litre Camelbak completely full.

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