378,000 Secrets Revealed!

Monday, 23 April 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I am noticing more and more the use of the word "secret" in everything, especially books. I think this would be like the use of the word "extreme" a few years ago, but still now.

So I searched for secret in all books on Amazon.com, and it told me there were 378,000 results. 378,000 books all telling you some sort of secrets! And once you know, they are no longer secrets, are they! Were they secret to begin with?

We have…

  • Gardening secrets the experts never tell you about. Really? You’d be talking to a gardening expert, and he or she would keep important information from you?
  • Secret tips to sell your book on Amazon.com (this one fulfills its own cycle!).
  • The secret lives of all sorts of species. I had no idea cows were keeping secrets specifically from me, and that this book will help me.
  • Secret restaurant recipes! What the hell is in that stuff you love to eat? I’m going to guess lots of butter and sugar. Oops, did I give away the big secret?
  • Books about secret government plots (I guess that’s how the terrorists are one step ahead).
  • Windows XP secrets. Like what? It didn’t look as much like the Mac OS as Vista?
  • A kids book called "Abuelita’s Secret Matzahs." First of all, isn’t it "matzot"? Second, this has to win for the first Jewish – Hispanic kids book I’ve ever seen.

I did NOT notice anything called "The Secret of Selling Books That Didn’t Come Up With Better Names and Just Put Secret in the Title." You could only do better by putting in Extreme Secrets. Now that would make every American open his wallet!

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