Exploited Child eBay Listing Taken Down

Thursday, 16 June 2005 at 12:43 pm Pacific USA Time.

The eBay listing that allowed you to name a 20-month old girl who evidently isn’t good enough to have her own name yet came down yesterday. The ironic part was that 100% of the winnings was going to go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. What irony… exploiting your child to help exploited children.

The charity said they never approved this listing to be for sale with money going to them, and they had it listed. The family appeared on our local news saying that they took the listing down because people were "mean-spirited." Well, I’m sorry that some of us weren’t pleased with you depriving your child of the foundation of a sense of self.

Our news reported that the child is happy and healthy. Wait until she’s older and puts all this together.

The news station emailed Dave back (he had emailed them about their coverage of this story), and they tried to say that while the family was "odd," the child seemed OK, and we’ve all grown up with people nicknamed Weezer and Boots and so on, and those people turned out OK. Dave wrote back explaining that a silly nickname is one thing. Having no name is quite another.

This has all been great marketing for how awful these parents are. They’re in my town, and I wonder if I’ll run into them somewhere. I wonder if I’ll say something. I wonder if I’ll be arrested for what I’d like to say. :)

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