A Flight For $9?

Monday, 8 June 2009 at 6:24 pm Pacific USA Time.

A friend just called, and was thinking of coming up to see me for the weekend. This weekend. He lives in San Diego, and I'm now in San Jose.

We started looking around for flights, and he found Allegiant Air. They didn't have any flights up to me on Friday, but that had one up to me on Thursday (in 3 days). He can't make that since he doesn't want to take off of work.

But the price of the one-way flight to see me was $9. That's it. I assume they'll put tax on that, and charge for people checking bags. $9.

His return flight? $19. I mean this is just STUPID.

It doesn't fly in and out of San Jose. They fly in and out of Monterey, California, which is about 73 miles south of me. Yeah I'd go pick him up! But holy cats, I am definitely going to check their schedules next time I want to fly!

$9? $28 round trip? Huh?

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One Response to “A Flight For $9?”

  1. vicki conley says:

    yep, Allegiant is awesome. I’m think I’m going to fly into Vegas for the ebay party instead of driving. I can get $29 each way and even with fees it’s under $100 RT, it saves me 24 hours of driving!
    I’m booking tomorrow! see ya there…