A Bad Review of a Bad Review

Thursday, 30 November 2006 at 9:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I recently got a Sansa, which is a new portable music player that competes with the iPod Nano. I am typically an iRiver gal, but decided to give this unit a go. I like it!

The Wall Street Journal recently reviewed it. Evidently, they really hated that it came with like 2G of music preloaded. I think the review went on about it too much, and missed one very important point.

The 2G of music can be removed.

You can do it from Windows Explorer, or more easily, you can do it from the Rhapsody software that’s free and is designed to work with the unit. It was really easy to clear off the pre-installed tracks, playlists, and "channels." The review made it sound like the channels were evil as they can auto-update and download more music to the device. So hey, go into Rhapsody and delete the channel!

I give that review a bad review. It made the device sound like it was going to drive you crazy with music you didn’t want when it should have been clearer about how EASY it is to remove the pre-installed stuff.

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