The As Was Difference

What makes us better than other design companies?

  • We have been designing websites since 1995, and working with eBay sellers since 2001. We’re eBay experts, and can help with your eBay strategies.
  • The core of our expertise is in user experience and user interface design. This means we’re designing something unique and from scratch based on your company image and who your target audience is. Our work is never cookie cutter. We don’t give everybody the same design or the same framework. The design we do for you is about your business’s personality and mood.
  • Our designs are sometimes unconventional, but they work. We are always innovating designs and layouts that are designed to cater to how eBay shoppers naturally think and behave. We refuse to copy other designers’ styles (even though we could) because we only want to sell you what is most likely to have the biggest, fastest, and most positive effect.
  • No junior staff, no minimum wage newbies, and no outsourced call centers. When you call As Was, you’re getting someone in the USA or UK.
  • We’re consultants. We’re serious about seeing you improve. We give advice, and want a long-term relationship… rather than handing you a design, and wishing you luck.
  • We know and follow all the eBay rules. Other companies have had problems because their listing and/or eBay Store designs are non-compliant. Our contract guarantees compliance!
  • We actually give you a contract. You’ll actually know what you’re getting, what you’re paying, and other important terms… like you own your own work! You can have your files! Other design companies will not give you your files, so be careful.
  • We never take a percentage or sales, and we never take a monthly fee. Beware of companies you have to pay monthly for your template or Store to “work.”
  • We are paid half up front and the rest when we’re done. Other companies want to be paid up front, and often have hidden terms that say you can’t get a refund under any circumstances.
  • Check out our ratings on eBay’s website. They’re all perfect. Google us. You won’t find any complaints. That’s because we make people happy!
  • Some other companies have changed their names so that when you Google them, you won’t find complaints made about their company when their company had another name. We’ve been called As Was for over 15 years.
  • We were the first eBay Certified Service Provider in 2004, and stayed in the program 6 years until we decided in Aug 2010 to stop paying the annual fee for the Certified Provider logo.

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