How Our UX/UI Experience Helps You

UX/UI. That stands for user experience / user interface. It’s where design meets psychology. It’s where we take a step back from the design, and first think about layout. Where should information go? Where should buttons go? What does the shopper or visitor need in the navigation? Do we need columns?

It’s about really thinking about how people behave when they hit websites or eBay. We know they hate reading. They don’t have a big attention span. They’re not big fans of scrolling. And they definitely don’t want to click “help.” They want your eBay listing or website to be completely obvious and intuitive. They don’t want to use Flash, especially if they’re on an Apple product that doesn’t support Flash.

Making something obvious, intuitive, and cater to natural behavior are what UX/UI is all about. Making it attractive, memorable, and different from competitors are what design is about.

This is why As Was designs are often “busier” and more visual on eBay than what we do on websites. On eBay, we are desperate to keep a shopper’s attention. One click on the back button, and they’re looking at heaps of competitors. Or if we can’t keep the shopper’s attention, she may not read your policies. Shoppers who don’t read policies make assumptions about how the transaction will go, such as how and when you’ll ship. When reality doesn’t match what the shopper made up in her head, you can get dinged with bad ratings. So keeping shopper’s attention and getting them to read your policies is tremendously important. Our layouts and designs accomplish that.

As Was designs don’t always follow convention. They are ahead of the curve. They’re creating the next convention. We’re doing what other people will be trying to do next year.

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