Alcohol Will Help

Friday, 18 May 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

What is going on on TV?

I saw Where In The World Is Matt Lauer. He was taking questions from school children. He told a girl, who looked 10 or 11, basically made it sound like having some Guinness was a magical and helpful experience. The little girl looked shocked.

I recently saw an Ellen DeGeneres show where she had on an actress who just heard that her TV series was cancelled. Of course, the woman was disappointed. Ellen tells the woman that she needs a mojito, and a remote controlled truck drives one out. The woman is drinking it, and leans into Ellen to say, "This is REALLY good."

I could never stand the show Friends. It made no sense to me and I couldn’t identify with it. I saw it maybe twice. One was a show where the plot seemed to be (I couldn’t bear to watch the whole episode) that some guy (Fun Bobby?) stopped drinking because he was evidently a problem drinker. Turns out that once he’s not drinking, he’s not fun! What an ironic plot twist. Drinking made him fun. So what happens next? The Friends start drinking when they’re around him so he’ll seem more fun.

I am not a Puritan of any sort. I am not putting black tape on the body parts of nude statues. But I do think that what children and adults watch on TV influences them. I think that there is a certain target audience, especially for the show Friends, that will clearly get the message about how drinking and fun are connected. I’m not sure there is ANY way that show could have ended that would have made it clear that you don’t have to drink to be a fun person nor do you have to drink to think that other people are fun.

What is going on on TV?

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