Alison, It’s Your Mother

Tuesday, 6 December 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

This is a great story from my college days, and it teaches a good lesson about paying attention.

My college nickname was "Midge" and I was dating Dave (not the Dave I’m with now). That Dave stayed in my room enough that I mentioned him on the answering machine message. :) So I had a 30 second outgoing message about Midge and Dave. Midge and Dave aren’t here right now. Midge is out, Dave is out, et cetera. One day, I get this message (I apologise to those who are faint of heart).

"Alison, it’s your mother. I think you need to have a vaginal culture done. Mervyn won’t prescribe you anything until he knows what that is. The infirmary there could do it, but it would be really good if you came home. OK! Talk to you later!"

Neither of us were Alison. Neither of us had a vaginal problem. :) It’s really good to pay attention to things. And perhaps it’s really good to not leave deeply personal things on people’s answering machines.

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