America’s Got Talent

Thursday, 23 August 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Once again, another TV show loses me when they pick what I think is the wrong horse. OK the ventriloquist guy was talented. No doubt about that.

How do you measure talent? I thought about this, and I decided that I measure talent this way:

  • Is this person doing something really well that I can’t do at all? I would think that’s talent!
  • Is this person doing something really well that I think I do much better than most people? If I’m good at it, and they impress me, then that’s talent.
  • Is this person doing something reall well that most of the country/world can’t do really well? That could be talent too.

So looking back at acts that made some of the final cuts, I think many were talented, but I also give them a so what. I would not rush to buy tickets to watch another acrobatics group fly around the stage. Lots of those types of shows right now. Singers? Lots of great singers out there. Few on the planet really WOW me. Many are just good.

Who really wows me? That Butterscotch chick. She was robbed. Ventriloquism that includes singing and impersonations, OK that’s good. That’s talent, and lots of it. I’m not faulting that guy at all. But I would go see Butterscotch if she toured. I may not go see a singing ventriloquist. I saw plenty of ventriloquism (and tap dancing and baton twirling) when I used to go to the Miss America preliminary nights and pageants. Note that I was going there because As Was was their website company, not because I was into that. :)

Go Butterscotch! Boooo to these TV shows.

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