Another Online Dating Profile Tip

Wednesday, 5 May 2010 at 4:50 am Pacific USA Time.

I'm giving online dating another shot. Partially, I hope to make good friends. Partially, it seemed to be an endless source of blog, Facebook, and Twitter content… so much so that when I left online dating sites, there was a mini rebellion. People told me they loved those posts, so I guess they're back!

I read a dating profile yesterday that made a good point. He said he's not interested if most or all of your profile is about who your perfect match is. He's right. The profile is YOUR chance to get me interested in you. It's your commercial! It's your, "This is who I am… want to know more?"

First, I thought he was being a bit jerky with his list of things that if you're doing, he doesn't want to hear from you. But he's right. I got a profile this morning where the WHOLE thing was what the right woman will be… an do… and understand… and be into. Someone has been watching too much Weird Science.

And to make it worse, his profile says he doesn't have kids, probably doesn't want kids, I don't have or want kids, and his ONLY profile picture was him holding a baby. That's a turn ON for women who want kids. That's a turn OFF for women who don't want kids. :) This guy claims to not want kids. Wrong picture!

So men and ladies, use your online dating profiles to show me who you are. What are you into. What are you passionate about. Hobbies, favourite bands, fave comedians. Recent live shows you saw. Your fave vacation. Get me interested by telling me actual things about who you actually are!


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