Apologies On Broken Links

Thursday, 19 February 2009 at 6:55 pm Pacific USA Time.

Hi, readers. Just a quick apology.

Once in a rare while, I remove a post from this blog. Sometimes I put up one in its place, sometimes I just remove it. I understand that either of these may make the original URL to the post just go nowhere. I wanted to apologise for that.

Obviously, if a post comes down, it comes down, and that URL won't go anywhere anymore. If I repost an edited or new version, Typepad will save the new post with a new name, and then it gets a new URL. So the old link won't go anywhere.

Someone suggested this was some great, unethical attempt for me to deceive you, and be a horrible person, or something along those cuddly, understanding lines. It's really much milder than that. :) Though if it makes you feel good to imagine that I do this for some negative, hurtful, malicious reason, then I guess you should pursue that good feeling!

Always pursue the good feeling.

I tend to think that editing a post days, weeks, or months after you've written it is actually more deceptive than just removing it. If I remove it, OK, you have a broken link, and that stinks. But if I edit it to say something totally different, that's going to throw off comments. I have seen some blog posts that were edited literally months later. I went back expecting certain content, and the content, mood, and information had totally changed. In that case, it might be better for my link to go nowhere!

I think of it like an eBay item. If you bid on a gold watch, you don't want the seller to be able to go in and change it to a rubber duckie. It won't be your preference, but it might be better for the seller to just take the item down rather than changing it. :)

Again, sorry about some of the broken links.

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