Are Customers Seeing You Rehearse?

Monday, 3 October 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I used to work in a recording studio. That means that I’ve seen some unknown musicians and some well known musicians in states you haven’t seen. :) I’ve seen them try to hit a note, unable to rap, and sing a lot of practice notes before their real melodic entrance.

None of that was on the CD you bought. You’ll probably never hear Donald Fagen rehearse his notes before he sings. He’s a perfectionist. But it’s on the original multitrack tape… just not in the final mix. And that’s right!

With the problems I’ve seen from some of my vendors lately, I feel like I’m watching companies rehearse. I feel like they haven’t got it quite right, but are living it anyway. You may have read about my hosting company woes… those people sure seemed like this was practice time and it didn’t matter that much if they got it wrong.

We work with another company in the eBay world, and I remember complaining to them about their system at the 2003 convention. Well, it’s over 2 years later, and their system is still unreliable. Downtime, images don’t show up, the site hangs. Yet they’re one of the biggest players in our industry AND they have heaps of funding. Why isn’t any of that going to servers and connectivity? Or are they just rehearsing?

It’s not OK to turn your clients into crash test dummies. It’s not OK to rehearse. Get people trained, get systems in place, and make things right for your customers.

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