As Was Anniversary: 21 April 1995

Wednesday, 21 April 2010 at 9:33 am Pacific USA Time.

Today is the anniversary of my company, As Was. We specialise in branding, marketing, design, strategy, and consulting for eBay and online sellers… as well as other businesses wanting a professional and unique online presence.

I started that on 21 April 1995, which means today is the start of our 16th year in business. Longer than many companies stay in biz nowadays… especially without changing owners many times or reorganising under some sort of bankruptcy. Some companies have changed names so when you Google them, you can't find old complaints. Nope, not us. Same owner, same name. No complaints. :)

I really started the business in June 2001, when I wanted a company name under which to do some consulting I was doing in college (and getting paid to do). I did some music projects, and I was making really unique jewellery… until my attorney father told me my jewellery breached trademarks. Buzz kill.

I really started the business in 1976, when I was 4, and decided my life dreams were to be a mommy to a puppy, and to run my own company. From then on, anybody who played with me played "Company." I didn't play house or with baby dolls. I didn't play teacher or librarian. I played CEO, and I had lots of stuffed animal dogs.

The idea for the name came in 1974, when I was 2. I saw a crazy cartoon on the Electric Company where a shady guy sells a nice guy a car with an "As Is" sign on it. Luckily, someone has it on YouTube.

So here's to As Was. A company making small and large companies more efficient, happier, stronger, more competitive, and remarkable… for the last 15 years. We couldn't still be doing this if we didn't get it really right just about all the time. Come check out what we can do for you!

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One Response to “As Was Anniversary: 21 April 1995”

  1. Liz says:

    I wanted to be a archaeologist when I was 4 according to my mum. I am proud I could say it at that age :)
    I have been ‘in business’ 10 years next month and still making funky hair!
    Here’s to another long stint as business women!