As Was Special Discount Offer

Monday, 22 March 2010 at 7:36 am Pacific USA Time.

April is a special time around As Was as it's the company's birthday. Started in April 1995, this April marks the start of our 16th year in business. You read that right! As Was has been working with online sellers for over 15 years. And we're never had to do anything weird like change our name or go into bankruptcy. We haven't gone through a pile of investors and random CEOs. Gosh, some companies who think they compete with us sure are weird.

We've been consistently innovating and offering our clients the best marketing-focused design on the planet. :) To celebrate with you, every year, around our "birthday," we offer a discount. It's discount time again!

Anybody signing a new As Was contract for at least $1000 USD between 22 March 2010 and 15 April 2010 will get 10% off their contract amount. We'll still supply 110% of the usual attention, advice, help, and personal care that we do on every project.

You know you love us. You know you want to work with us. Now, it's a little easier to pay for it! Jump in before mid-April to take advantage of this discount.

And Happy Birthday, As Was!

Learn more at, and also check out the perfect ratings we have from our clients.

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