Auction Software and Constipation

Monday, 21 May 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Most people like the name "Auctiva" for the company and software that many eBay sellers use.

However, with the new and heavily-advertised product, Activia, I find that many of my clients who use Auctiva are referring to it as Activia.

Auctiva is software for eBay sellers.

Activia is yogurt to help keep you regular.

That’s bad marketing. Oops! :)

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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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One Response to “Auction Software and Constipation”

  1. Iarla O'Halloran says:

    Interesting that “Activia” is being marketed in the US as a yoghurt drink to help keep you “regular”.
    It’s a Danone product, and they never marketed it like that in Europe. It was always marketed as “helping you keep an active and balanced lifestyle”