Auctiva’s Lawyers Want You To Know…

Monday, 8 June 2009 at 2:40 pm Pacific USA Time.

I've heard from Auctiva's lawyers. They'd like you to know that everything I've written or said about Auctiva ever is false. Including the stuff I can prove to you. It's all false according to them, so let's smile and nod. :)

I'd like you to know that although I have been working for inkFrog since mid-May, nothing I have said or will say about Auctiva has anything to do with inkFrog. They don't tell me what to say, I'm not saying these things for them, and it's just not about inkFrog. Ask inkFrog – they are not connected to what I choose to say, especially the things I chose to say before they hired me. And I've been saying negative things about Auctiva for years since I just don't like their system.

I have no hidden agenda. My agenda is always to get the truth out there. I'm just straightforward and face value, and I don't blast a company one day and then run a post the next day about how great they are and how they're doing nothing wrong. Anybody who wants to pretend that I'm only saying these things so that people will leave Auctiva and join inkFrog are applying agendas to me that I don't have. If you want to stay with Auctiva, you should! If you want to leave Auctiva, you should! If you want to sign on with Vendio, ChannelAdvisor, Infopia, inkFrog, Turbo Lister, Blackthorne, or anything else, you should. I support you. :) You should pick whichever system is right for you, and I have no attachment to who you pick. That means no agenda and no hidden agenda.

Bizarre things Auctiva does are completely about Auctiva, and if you
read my blog, then you know I'm committed to pointing at all KINDS of
companies doing bizarre things. I am my own person, and I stand behind
what I say. These are my opinions, feelings, and advice… and if those
can get you a letter from a lawyer, then every blogger, every tweeter,
and every person posting to an online forum disliking Auctiva should be
really careful.

Auctiva's lawyer is getting your Auctiva subscription money to tell me
and maybe you to not say anything they will claim is false. Well, OK,
you shouldn't say false things about companies. But you have a right to
your opinion and experiences. I have had nothing but bad experiences
with Auctiva, and Debbie Levitt is allowed to say that. I am allowed to
stand in a crowded room and shout, "I don't like Auctiva!" That's still
legal last I checked.

So my promise to everybody involved is that I will only post things that I can prove without a shadow of a doubt, and without revealing any information that may be considered confidential by eBay or any company with whom I have a relationship. I won't post about something I read in someone's forums since whoever posted that might be talking crap. I promise to label my blog posts and radio shows as the statements and opinions of Debbie Levitt as an individual, professional consultant, and not the opinion, statement, or stance of As Was, inkFrog, or any company that may be affiliated with either of us.

That doesn't mean I'll stop talking about Auctiva or any other company. It only means I'll be more careful about how I express my opinions to you guys. You guys still need to know the truth, and I may be the only one who is willing to tell it to you. While other people are backtracking, perhaps out of fear of lawyers, I'm not going to let threats and bullying stand in my way of giving you my opinions and the facts I can prove. Some people don't let the truth get in the way of a good blog post. I don't let lawyers threats get in the way of the truth.

The right to free speech stops at my ability to tell a lie. I do not want to tell or spread lies. I don't like when people do that to me, and I don't do it to other people or companies. So I'll just stick with my right to free speech, and only share what my opinion is, and the things I can completely and totally prove.

Auctiva, I suggest you do the same. My opinion is that you don't always take the high road. Do unto others. :)

I trust we're complete here. Thanks, everybody.

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