Available Child Care

Thursday, 22 March 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Sometimes, you see signs in the street for a local handyman. Around Xmas here, you see signs for people who can be paid to hang your holiday lights. And you probably see signs for weight loss and work-at-home schemes.

How about a sign for child care? I see signs around town, nailed to telephone poles, and all they say is "CHILD CARE" and a phone number underneath that.

Who calls that number? Who considers that a good solution for needing care for a child? Who bypasses friends, family, babysitters, and day care centres to call that number?

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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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2 Responses to “Available Child Care”

  1. LEAH says:

    Someone who has burned all their bridges with friends, family, babysitters and has no job, therefore no co-workers and little, if any money. Who would such a person be? Someone on DRUGS and well on their way to losing custody of their child or worse yet, children. Who else?

  2. ValerieH says:

    A desperate parent who’s every option for available care has been exhausted. I found one of Brandon’s best sitters ever from the bulletin board at Kroger. Of course, I checked her out thoroughly, and met with her a few times before I left my child there, but in the end, it worked out very well!
    I always wonder who calls those “Lose 30LBS in 30 days” signs. And HOW CAN THEY sell “NEW, IN THE PLASTIC, PILLOW-TOP MATTRESS SETS, QUEEN SIZE, $299″??? Isn’t that like, wayyy too cheap?