Bad Advice From a Cop

Monday, 17 September 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I’m walking my dog past the playground at my apartment complex at night. We meet a couple with their cat, trying to harness train him. A very large man comes up on a bicycle, tells us he’s a security guard, and he has to know who’s around here at night. He was wearing what could be a security guard outfit, but I could get something that looks like that anywhere.

I asked him for his ID, which evidently surprised everybody. Evidently these other two people were ready to tell him their names and where they lived without knowing who he is. He got his ID out of his wallet, and showed me an ID… but it looked like anybody could have made this ID, and he had his thumb over most of the information.

I didn’t like this.

I told him to tell the front office he met Rita the Dog from building 22. He wrote that down. The other people gave their first names and apartment number. I saw my friends pull in, and went to talk to them. Safety in numbers.

I didn’t like this. Something wasn’t right. As I walked home, I saw the guy riding around on his bike. When pup and I got home, I called the police. I explained what I saw and my experience. They sent a cop car to find the guy.

The cop found him, and then found me. The cop introduced me to Hugh, and said he knew Hugh and the security company for which he works. He said since my apartment complex hiring this company, crimes here have gone way down. There are crimes here? Evidently they mostly happen while I sleep, and are mostly due to the friends and guests that residents allow over. OK?!???!

I explained to the cop that I felt Hugh had been suspicious. He was OK with asking for my identity but getting nothing really helpful from me. Hugh said that people don’t legally have to tell him anything, so he doesn’t push. I told the officer that Hugh had put his thumb over his ID information when he showed it to me. The cop suggested that I should have asked him to move his thumb. I said, "I’m from NY. If someone is acting suspiciously, you don’t engage in conversation with them. You get away to somewhere safe. I’m not armed and my dog is friendly. I just wanted to go away." The cop says, "You’re not in NY."

So I SHOULD engage in conversation and boss around a guy I think is suspicious? I should have stuck around to engage with a guy 9" taller than I am and twice my weight? No thanks. I know I did the right thing by going somewhere safe, even if Hugh turned out to be the good guy.

F that cop. If anybody ever acts suspicious around me, I’m not going to interrogate them. I’m going to get the hell out of there and call the police.

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