Because Everybody’s Searching For Sex

Tuesday, 19 July 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

In the early days of our website-building career (1995-1998), we had a number of clients ask us to put "sex" and a few related terms into their meta tags. It didn’t matter that they had NOTHING to do with sexual material… these were all corporate sites for real non-sexual products and services. I was told that because everybody’s searching for "sex" on the internet, they want to come up in those searches, so they should have those words in their meta tags.

When is the last time you searched for sex on the internet, but instead got very interested in a website offering limo rides to the airport? Or you searched for sex, but you ended up spending quality time on a website about a filter you could put in your swimming pool?

This may be just a hunch, but people searching for sexual content want to FIND sexual content. Those are the sites they want to see. You wouldn’t put a sign outside of your sock shop, "Delicious chocolate inside," when you have NO chocolate inside. That wouldn’t work very well as people who came in would quickly see that you have no choco.

Same for putting keywords in your website (or eBay listings) that have nothing to do with what you offer. That’s bad marketing.

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