Best Deal In Town

Tuesday, 29 November 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

We have a free weekly newspaper that gives great food reviews. We’ve agreed pretty much every time, and when they like something, we try to go try it.

They loved Sushi On Oracle for it’s large portions and low prices. They got both right. We eat there once or twice a week, we love it so much. My favorite meal is off the menu. I have them do a vegetable stirfry donburi (rice bowl). It’s $4, and it comes with miso soup and a small serving of edamame. When I was in NYC in October, you could barely get a donburi in a restaurant I was at for less than $14. Amazing.

What the newspaper didn’t mention was how nice the staff are. The waitress we tend to get is a college girl who seems like the nicest girl ever. She tells us she’s majoring in geography, and she just got 101 on a test. We’re proud! And what career does she plan? "I hadn’t exactly thought of that when I chose geography." She told us her boyfriend lives in New York City and got a job with _______. I eventually figured out through her accent and bad pronounciation that he got a job at Ernst & Young. We told her that was a big deal and possibly a good job! She says, "Oh, now I have to marry him! All of my friends say to marry him."

We saw her last time, and she gave us a big open mouth smile and wave, the wave I call the "Jewish Mom in the audience of her kid’s school play." She rushed over to say she was going to visit her boyfriend in NY for Thanksgiving… and he was paying for her to come! She was so excited. It’s hard to not be excited for her.

Sushi On Oracle is delicious, inexpensive, and friendly. It’s fun to go there. We always hope to see the waitress. Someday we have to ask her name. Even when she’s not there, we usually have an amazing and filling dinner for like $15 after tax and tip. :)

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