Beyond Juicing

Monday, 25 April 2005 at 6:33 am Pacific USA Time.

If you wanted a juicer, what qualities would be important to you? Capacity? Color? How quiet it is? Price? Practicality?

You can get a Hamilton Beach juicer at Target for $39.99. It has features. It’s white. It will make juice out of your fruits and vegetables.

It’s nothing special, but it’s a juicer. You’ll cut up your fruit and veg, and you’ll put the good stuff in here. But what if you wanted to go BEYOND juicing? A new product offers you just that.

As the commercial will tell you, "The Breville Juice Master Elite is not only designed to be the world’s fastest juicer, it’s also designed to inspire you visually."

Inspire you visually

Positioning this as the world’s fastest juicer wasn’t enough. Positioning this as a juicer into which you can throw the whole fruit or veg without chopping it first wasn’t enough. This juicer will INSPIRE you.

As the image says, this juicer costs ten times what the Hamilton Beach costs. How inspired do you need to be? How much less fruit and veg chopping do you need to do?

Perhaps this is the status symbol juicer. You’ve arrived.

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