Boston vs. Tucson

Friday, 26 December 2008 at 6:43 am Pacific USA Time.

After nearly 4 years in the southwest, I just moved from Tucson, AZ to the Boston area. How do these two places compare? :)

  • I'm surprised that some things in Boston cost less than they did in Tucson. This seems to be because of competition. For example, my cable bill will actually be lower in Boston for the same services/channels.
  • The weather. Tucson is the Sonoran Desert, and used to be Mexico. Boston is so cold and snowy, I had forgotten that exists. I arrived here to immediately be snowed in. I've never seen weather in Tucson so bad that people didn't leave their homes… unless you lived on a ranch, and your closest unpaved road flooded in one of the monsoons.
  • People. Not as many smiling faces in Boston, but hopefully I'll find my community of friendly people. :)
  • We can get around! In Tucson, we lived miles from anything. It was very remote (by my choice). Here, we are close to some shops as well as busses, and we're not far from some T stations (aka the subway). So we should be driving less, which is good because…
  • My car's mpg is DYING here. In Tucson, many streets have speed limits of 45-55. You can easily drive that speed (or higher) since the population is spare enough that there's rarely any traffic. Here in Boston, I must be mostly driving 25 or 30. My car was getting over 24 mpg in Tucson, and is getting around 18 mpg here. :(
  • Stuff to do! There is stuff to do here. That's why we moved. Tucson doesn't have a lot to do, which was why I originally picked it, so I loved it for that. But my husband likes having a life :) and things to do, so we wanted a major city.
  • Noise. I hear road traffic and some sirens. Imagine that. In Tucson, I mostly heard wind, birds, and howling coyotes.
  • Moisture. When I said Tucson was dry, I mean dry. Spill water, and it evaporates fairly soon. Come out of the shower, and you're hair's already half dry. Hang up your shower towel, and it's dry in an hour. You know what else that means? Garbage isn't smelly because it desiccates nearly immediately. I couldn't figure out why my kitchen garbage was so smelly until I realised that it was probably just moist and brewing.
  • The view. I have a view of a laundromat, which I hope to go to at some point. :) In Tucson, I had panoramic views of two mountain ranges, giant night skies full of bright stars, and deep blue skies during the day. The sun was sunny, and actually warmed you, even if it were cold outside.

So there you go. If you're looking for lower cost of living for most things, isolation, great weather, and great sights, you want Tucson! :)

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