But I Can Make You Rich

Wednesday, 8 November 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Yesterday, I mentioned a new website from an eBay University instructor that seemed a bit weird. The weirdest point is that she says that her money was made thanks to eBay Stores, and you should learn eBay Stores secrets and success from her. What I think she doesn’t make clear is that the money she has made from eBay Stores seems to be from talking about them rather than using them.

According to some research I did on Terapeak.com, she sold $175 on eBay in September and $664 in August. She has 13 items listed on eBay right now ranging from $7.95 to $99. And she’s not a PowerSeller, which means that she typically doesn’t sell $1000 or more each month. Yet her website claims that thanks to eBay Stores, she spent a month in South Africa at a spa, is going to Paris next year, and just had a 3,000 sq ft home built for her.

The numbers don’t add up. I’m going to have to assume that this money was made from her speaking, writing, and other non-eBay-selling endeavours. I doubt that any eBay seller out there selling under $1,000 per month on eBay would credit his or her eBay sales or eBay Store for fabulous wealth.

But thanks to grammar, can she say that eBay Stores made her all this money? Sure. Talking about eBay Stores seems to have made her a lot of money. Buy her new product and add to her fabulous, braggable fortune!

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