Call Your Favourite Moving Company

Wednesday, 13 May 2009 at 2:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I am working on another move, and I called United Van Lines. Why? In Sept 2007, they moved my Grandmother's antique dining room set from NY to AZ. They did a WONDERFUL job. So I think of them when I am moving.

Today, I contacted my local United mover here in the Boston area. We had no idea what my Grandmother's furniture weighed, and he suggested calling the company that moved it last time.

So I called Liberty in Suffolk County, NY, and got the comptroller. This super nice guy took time out of his day to go back nearly two years and look up what the weight was. It wasn't in his computer, and he had to pull out old paper faxes of the weight of the truck. He said the fax was very hard to read, so the weight was either 460 or 660 pounds.

This was HUGELY helpful.

He then asked if I had anybody for my next move. I told him I was talking to my local United guy. He then told me that I could have started with him. They could have arranged the move, and then connected me with the local guy. I assume the make money on that, and hey, maybe he should. He was really nice, and gave me great service when he didn't have to.

So now we all know. If you were happy with a moving company, even if you are not moving from or to that area, you can call them and start with them. They probably make money from arranging it, and what better way to thank a company you like than to give them more business. :)

Thank you!

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3 Responses to “Call Your Favourite Moving Company”

  1. tula says:

    Giving up on Boston so soon? :-)

  2. Yes, Tula. I’m done with Boston. Time to try something that is likely to fit me better. :)

  3. tula says:

    Too bad – this is the nicest time of year here in Beantown. Flowers bloom and people emerge from their winter-cranky shells to enjoy the lovely spring weather. I’m hoping the blooming extends to the employment outlook, too :-) One good thing about leaving, I suppose, is that if you’re moving anywhere except NYC or Southern CA, you’ll probably find a lower cost of living. It’s still pricey ’round these parts.