Can The Palm Pre Do This?

Wednesday, 8 July 2009 at 6:56 am Pacific USA Time.

Well, I bit the bullet yesterday and got the Palm Pre. I was holding out for an HTC Touch Pro 2, and honestly, may still get that when it comes out and return the Palm. There's a lot I like about the Palm, but there is something nice about staying with Windows Mobile and being able to use all my apps. There are very few Palm apps, which is surprising given how long they're been yapping about this phone and how many have sold.

But so far, I would say the Palm interface is very slick, fast and easy to use, I like the multitasking, the screen is lovely… there's a lot I like about it. The gestures (finger motions) make sense, and the keyboard is small, but surprisingly easy to use. The screen seems to like bulky finger presses while I'm used to precise stylus pointing (or fingernail pointing). So since most people HATED precise stylus pointing, you would be happy!

So after 12 hrs of playing with the Pre, here is what I wish it would do. If anybody knows how to do these, please comment in the blog here! Thanks.

  • I wish email could delete from server. I'd like to pick up email, junk what is really junk, and when I get back to my computer, NOT see the 30 emails I deleted.
  • It seems like many notifications are sound OR vibration. I like both at the same time just about always. Sometimes I'm in a quiet place and can hear the phone. Sometimes, I am singing loudly in my car, and don't hear the phone, but feel the vibration. So the idea or one OR the other is NOT what I'm used to, and I'm worried I will miss things.
  • I leave my phone on all night for two reasons: 1) someone might need me and call or text, and 2) it's my alarm clock. So I can't put it into silent or airplane mode since that would kill one of those goals. However, I can't find where to make the Palm stop picking up things like from the internet all night (and making sounds and vibrations when it finds them). I don't know how to get it to STOP picking up my email and tweets, or to at least NOT alert me. The Palm has areas where you can turn on or off Bluetooth and WiFi, but doesn't have an area where you turn off polling the internet (Windows Mobile does).
  • There is no really quick way to call my favourite people. I have to go into contacts, find them, call them… I had an app in WinMo that let me dial by pictures, and it was RIGHT on my "desktop." I'd like fewer clicks!
  • More custom sounds. I can't change my "you have mail" sound or my "you have a tweet" sound. I'm used to customising all these things in Windows Mobile… down to what SMS tone does a friend get. It's handy… why even pull the phone out if it's THAT guy, which you'd know by sound. :)
  • More calendar customisation. I'm used to Outlook (and WinMo) letting me categorise my appointments, and each category can have a colour. So at a quick glance, I know if my day is filled with phone calls, work, or fun personal stuff.
  • I'd like to be able to customise my App Launcher. I can move things around, but can't seem to remove things I'll never use like Sprint's NASCAR app. I can't make icons smaller and place them how I want them. I'm used to doing this with WinMo.
  • I'd like ALL the IM apps to be available, not just Google Talk and AIM. I am now using Yahoo Messenger a lot, plus I do a crazy amount of Skype typing, and those aren't on here.
  • Google Maps should have Latitude. I'd like that back!
  • I'd like it to handle DRM subscription music because I use and love Rhapsody with my MP3 player. With the Pre, I was only able to load on tracks I ripped through iTunes. It didn't see the ones I loaded with Rhapsody. Weird.
  • The integrations are neat, but I had NO idea that when I put in my Facebook info that you'd make EVERY Facebook friend I have a contact in my phone book. That kinda makes no sense since many of my Facebook friends are eBay sellers who just want to hear what I have to say about eBay. They're not REALLY friends. And when I wanted to remove those people, I was told I can't remove a Facebook friend from my contacts. Well, I'd like to! And I'd like you to know on next sync to NOT add it back!

Many of the things I was doing in WinMo were thanks to outside apps… SPB Pocket Plus let me arrange my interface. SPB Diary made working with my calendar easier. Lonely Cat Games ProfiMail was a great email app that could delete off server. Lonely Cat also made Slick, a multi-IM app. PockeTwit is a better Twitter app, putting my multiple Twitter accounts into one timeline and giving me WAY more features than the Twitter app I found for Palm.

So I feel like 1996 again… I was a Mac user who was a professional website designer/builder. And every time I wanted to use an app, it would say available now for Win95, available next year for Mac. I finally dumped the Mac and got Windows so that I could stay ahead in my own industry. And I feel like that again where every app out there seems to be for iPhone, Blackberry, and/or Windows Mobile… some are even Symbian. And where are the Pre apps!

Will I stay with the Palm for its neato interface, features, and POTENTIAL, or will I just get the HTC Touch Pro 2 when it comes out since it might have many of the same features and interface, but will run all the apps I miss so much. The drawback to the HTC Touch Pro 2? It's not out yet and it's WinMo, which may mean crashing and instability… not good either!

It's really up to app developers. Everything I want has to do with apps, which means apps (and I'd pay for these apps) can do what I need. Better email and IM handling… faster dialing of my most common friends… a better Twitter app… I'm sure these can exist, and if I'd pay for them, maybe 3,000 other Pre users (1%) would. That could be a nice revenue stream for somebody!

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