Car Repair Places

Wednesday, 28 February 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

How many places would you say a town needs to fix cars? Back on Long Island, I remember seeing fewer and fewer car repair places as more and more dealers provide longer warranties.

Here in Tucson, you will find a "Car Care Center," "Brake Max," or "Brake Masters" pretty much every 3 miles. What is going on with cars here that you can have places like this every few miles and they all stay in business? They have to have parts, they employ people, they pay rent. How many cars can they be working on? And if they do GOOD work, those cars shouldn’t come back for a long time.

Maybe these are fronts or money laundering spots because I can’t figure out how our town can sustain so many of these places. New ones are being built and set up monthly. It just doesn’t make sense.

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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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