Golf Balls Direct

What They Had

Golf Balls Direct came to us in 2010 with a huge online business in used golf balls.

What They Wanted

They needed their eBay design redone, and then they wanted a matching eCommerce design for their Volusion eCommerce store at They were also leaving ChannelAdvisor to move to Solid Commerce.

What We Did

We created a fun template that played off the idea of, “I once was a lost golf ball, and now I’m found.” We reorganized their listings so that information is easier to find. We dropped in our 2-level matrix to help shoppers be more aware of what GolfBallsDirect carries, and drive people into the eBay Store. We also did the simple Store design, About Me page, and matching Volusion website.

The website home page is a little busy for our tastes, but the client wanted that, so the client got that. We pick our battles. The website has our “persistent bar,” which is where the top header stays in place even if you scroll. We think this makes shopping faster and easier since all of the main site functions are always easy to find at the top.

What They Said

“We partnered with As Was to help us with a fresh new eBay look, and also to consult on current eBay best practices and strategies. The As Was team was both professional and a pleasure to work with. The template that they built for us looks great, converts well, and truly gives our store its own ‘personality’. The 2-level matrix really showcases much more of our products than a standard template. They also took the same theme and carried it through to our Volusion store template for a very similar feel, which is good for customer recognition. Overall, performance is up, and we feel we made a good choice by contracting with As Was!” – Marci and Sam, April 2011

Screen Shots (click to enlarge)

Our template design.

Our eCommerce store design.

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