Lingerie Outlet Store

What They Had

Lingerie Outlet Store came to us in 2009 with the beginnings of an eBay business. They were selling wellies (rain boots), but were going to reinvent themselves as an online bra and lingerie shop. They list exclusively to eBay UK.

What They Wanted

They needed a new eBay design focused on lingerie, and then they wanted some matching print work.

What We Did

We created a feminine template with a little bit of cartoon whimsy. We organized their listings so that information is easier to find. We also did a matching postcard advertising their new local shop. We also did their eBay Store but not their About Me page.

We are in the process of adding our 1-level matrix to help shoppers be more aware of what LingerieOutletStore carries, and drive people into the eBay Store.

What They Said

“I came to you for your expertise. One thing I understand in business is cheap is not always best. You cannot bang a template together and hope for the best. Your knowledge is second to none. You look at the design and feel of the template, but this is just part of your service. You really helped with the keywords, eBay law, and marketing. What should be in an advert and even down to what font to use – AMAZING!!! My business has gone from strength to strength. For the last 12 months, I have been able to operate from home, but in the last couple of months my turnover has tripled, so I am now moving into premises. When I speak to suppliers they now take my business very seriously and want to work with me. I knew using As Was was going to be a positive move, but I have to say they have exceeded my expectations. I will be back when I get my website built!” – Clare from Lingerie Outlet Store, August 2010

“The template has been fantastic! When I have needed a change, As Was have been fantastic! Always there with tips and tricks. Now I am adding a matrix, and fine tuning my template. My business has grown ten fold since August 2010. The template way outweighed my expectations. The business has grown that much we are now tripling the size of our premises. The sky is the limit! I can’t thank you guys enough.” – Clare from Lingerie Outlet Store, March 2011

Screen Shots (click to enlarge)

Our template design.

Front of postcard for Lingerie Outlet Store.

Back of postcard for Lingerie Outlet Store.

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