What They Had

MsssKel came to us in 2008 with a successful eBay business selling mostly cosmetics. Their listings were plain.

What They Wanted

They wanted an unforgettable design, and a character they could use as MsssKel. They wanted the design to be “retro.”

What We Did

We used some retro background patterns in funky retro colors. We Frankensteined their character based on two characters they chose. We created an unforgettable template that made people want to keep scrolling and keep reading (it’s like magic!). We used what we call “POW Graphics” to make sure that important messages weren’t missed by low-attention-span shoppers.

The last time eBay gave out Store Awards was in 2008. Our work on MsssKel’s Store won for Best Standard Store.

What They Said

“Having our template done by As Was actually created our BRAND. People remember us now. Sales have definitely increased. The template paid for itself within the first year. As Was designed our template in 2007 and it’s still being used today. We’ve contacted her numerous times to make “eBay required policy changes” and they’ve always been happy to help. Five Stars for As Was. Highly recommend Debbie Levitt and As Was. Very professional.” Joe and Kelly, March 2011

Screen Shots (click to enlarge)

How their listings used to look.

Our template design.

Our “simple eBay Store” design, which won an award.

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