The Bling Thing

What They Had

The Bling Thing had a fairly bland Zen Cart store.

What They Wanted

They needed a whole new design and a fresh layout. They explained that their site is all about fun and funky gifts for fun and funky women, so the site should fit that theme.

What We Did

Fit it we did. The site is appropriately wild and wacky. We installed it in Zen Cart.

What They Said

“I was looking for a fun, funky website that would match up with our retail store. We wanted to convey a fun, laid back, casual attitude in our site design, yet sophisticated and unique. I think your design conveyed that perfectly. I loved the use of colors we use for branding, the martini girl is perfect, and I think the site looks very timely! Thanks.” – April 2011

Screen Shot (click to enlarge)

Website home page.

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