Census Form Questions

Friday, 23 April 2010 at 5:07 am Pacific USA Time.

I'm confused. I keep seeing census form commercials on TV. They keep showing forms with lots of questions. I just saw one where a guy reminds gay, lesbian, and transgendered people to fill out their census forms. The camera shows a census form asking what is the relationship between person 1 and person 2 in the household.

My census didn't ask that.

For person 1, mine asked name, gender, age, ethnicity, how many people are living in the house, and I think that was it. The form didn't ask me how people are related. The form didn't ask me anything about what people do or all the things I thought it asks!

Does anybody know why I'd get a special bland form with nearly zero questions?

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Categories: Just An Observation

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2 Responses to “Census Form Questions”

  1. Darla says:

    We got the same form you did. I couldn’t figure out why everyone was up in arms about “all the questions” until I found out there was more than one type of form.

  2. NullApps says:

    There’s a short form and a long form. I’m not sure how its distributed but I’d assume randomly.