Chase, PayPal, and Credit Card Fraud

Thursday, 17 September 2009 at 7:13 pm Pacific USA Time.

Today was interesting. Two cards I have with two separate banks were both marked as potential fraud. But the circumstances were amazingly different.

First came a Chase card. This card is a debit MasterCard associated with an escrow account for my other biz, We Are Your People. We do tour management, so this card has probably paid around $60,000 in hotels, airfares, and other random things for the last 6 weeks… as our tour winds around North America. These hotels and purchases were in nearly 40 different cities.

We're over a month into the tour, and Chase marked me as potential fraud TODAY. 6 weeks into the tour, dozens of cities, hotels in every city, thousands of dollars in airfares… and today, they shut the card down and called me. Evidently, the $130 being charged by that Hampton Inn last night was too much! I had the card turned back on.


Second was my debit MasterCard associated with my PayPal account. This morning, I flew from San Jose to Salt Lake City (for biz), so I charged at Delta airlines for checked bag fees. I then hit the card at Dollar Rental Car, and at the hotel where I'm typing this now. Total suspicious charges? About $800 across everybody, and some were just holds.

PayPal just called, suspecting fraud. I said that I had made all of those charges, so my card is still on.

To sum up, it took PayPal about 10-12 hours to think my card might be used fraudulently. Considering I started using the Chase card the first week of August, it took Chase about 6 weeks and probably more than $60,000 of charges to decide that maybe it was being used fraudulently.

I know people like to bash PayPal, but I'm going to say they're more on the ball here! Neither was fraud, but I tell you this. If anybody WERE using my Chase card fraudulently, I now know to NOT expect Chase's system to pick it up in any reasonable amount of time.

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One Response to “Chase, PayPal, and Credit Card Fraud”

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