Christmas Music

Tuesday, 25 December 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Starting some time in November, we’ve all been hearing Christmas music. Probably everywhere. Stores start playing it, usually in mid-November. Hold music has it. But that’s not all!

We’re offered lots of CDs in case we want to play Xmas music on demand. Even famous Jewish musicians have put out Christmas albums. :)

The digital music channels on cable TV have a seasonal channel, so you can dial Xmas music up there. XM Radio has some holiday channels. One of them is funny holiday songs, all darn day.

If there’s one thing I have never heard in my 35 years of life, it’s a Christmas season going by and anybody telling me they wish they had heard more Xmas music. I think it’s like fruitcake. It’s there, we’re glad it’s there, but when it’s gone, we’re ready for it to be gone.

So when I saw a commercial on TV on 10 Dec, I was surprised. Our local lite (spelled that way) music station was advertising that they’re playing Christmas and holiday music, I guess for the next few weeks. What are they thinking? Do they really think that the average person at work is not hearing enough Xmas music the rest of the day, and needs to hear more Xmas music at work instead of those lite hits?

I don’t get it.

Oh and merry Xmas. Remember that music will get fresher tomorrow! :)

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