Come Meet ProPay at the RocketPlace Conference!

Friday, 29 August 2008 at 12:07 pm Pacific USA Time.

With eBay’s announcement last week that sellers will soon not be allowed to accept "paper money" (checks and money orders), many eBay sellers were introduced to a company that is new to them: ProPay.

We’re excited to announce that if you’re ProPay curious, and who isn’t right now, you can meet them at our RocketPlace conference, 10-12 Sept 2008.

ProPay is an alternative to PayPal, combining the best of a merchant account with the best of an online payment system. Check them out, and come talk to them in person.

RocketPlace will also feature fantastic sessions with speakers including Marsha Collier of eBay For Dummies fame, Todd Lutwak of eBay, Jane Judd of, and Jay Berkowitz of

Register now!

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