Commercials Drink Vodka

Wednesday, 25 February 2009 at 3:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I saw a blog comment where someone was saying that she was going to go out there and give people her honest opinions, and wouldn't that be just fine. She wondered if someone would really question her ethics or motives if she's being honest, and if so, what's the world coming to?

I tried to tell that person that I think everybody is now suspicious of everybody. Just before she posted that blog comment, I was accused in the same blog of having authored or directed other people to author blog comments that agreed with or supported me. Evidently, it's impossible for another human who thinks for himself or herself to agree with me, so I must have written these under another name, paid for these, or told people to come and write these.

Maybe people are under more financial pressure than usual, so they're
making odder or more desperate business decisions. But the astroturfing is out there! Of course, this accusation came from someone who gets paid by others to blog for them, so maybe he was superimposing himself onto me. And no, I'm still not astroturfing.

But it has made me think about trust and the accusations we hurl at people, or the idea that we just don't believe what we read. Not that we should believe everything we read. But people are now more often thinking that a positive comment they read online is probably fake. Some negative comments about companies are fake too. So much of this is manipulated.

I was telling a marketing person about my thoughts on astroturfing, and she was talking about how some vodka companies are planting hot female models in bars, and their job is to be seen buying and drinking that brand of vodka… or getting guys to buy them that drink. This is all to expose you to that brand, and make you think that's what the hot models drink… and you should too! So the hot model pretending to be interested in you may be a paid vodka drinker.

Admittedly, it's interesting marketing. It takes product promotion off the page, away from the banner ad, out of the spam email. Off the TV, radio, interstitial, etc… The product promotion is now sitting next to you drinking that drink, talking about how cool that car is, saying this sandwich tastes great, etc… But it's a commercial.

You are now surrounded by commercials. What will you believe?

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