Companies In The Same Industry Aren’t Always Competitors

Tuesday, 5 May 2009 at 3:12 am Pacific USA Time.

If you read my blog, you know I can be a bit of a whistle-blower. I have called out plenty of companies, large and small, in the eBay industry and well outside of it. I’ve called out plenty of companies, but when I call out a certain one, people want to dismiss what I have to say, claiming I’m just badmouthing a competitor.

Not every two companies in the same industry are competitors.

  • ChannelAdvisor probably does not feel they compete with Auctiva. Auctiva is probably not working on how to get customers away from ChannelAdvisor’s Premium product. :)
  • If you asked Toyota what cars the Yaris competes against, they probably wouldn’t name some the BMW 7 series. Ask BMW who they compete with, and I think you would NOT see the Toyota Yaris on that list.
  • Wal-Mart may not feel that they compete with Nordstroms or Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • A $59 tent at Target doesn’t compete with a $200,000 Fleetwood RV, though one person may consider both and then choose one over another.
  • Just because Brand New Online Marketplace Number 13,098 wants you to think they’re a new and better eBay doesn’t meant that they’re on eBay’s radar AT ALL. eBay may not perceive them as competition… when eBay is transacting billions of dollars a year, a marketplace that won’t publicly say how much is being transacted may just not be seen as scary competition.
  • I do not worry about losing business to people downloading free eBay templates as they weren’t my target audience.

I don’t compete with these other guys. (Frooition) When I call them out for the truly bizarre things they do, it’s not because we are competitors. It’s because they are the same fair game as everybody else I’ve blogged about.

I don’t compete with people and companies in the eBay Stores Design Directory. You can’t get what we do from them, and you can’t get what they do from us. We are a full-service marketing, design, and strategy company. We know all the eBay rules, and we followed them before eBay had to crack down on broken rules. We do designs based on marketing, psychology, shopper behaviour, and principles of online user experience. We don’t use cookie-cutter designs, or sell the same things to multiple people. We think that custom work goes beyond making that stock template “that blue” or that background “that pattern.”

Not every two companies in the same industry are competitors. If I say something about another company, and especially if their customers are all over the web saying the same thing (or more harsh things), consider that I might just be factual and not “badmouthing.” Badmouthing isn’t my style, but trying to get truth out there is.

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