Competition Through Copyright Infringement, Part 2

Friday, 11 November 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Remember when I found someone copying my marketing word-for-word?

Last week, the plagiarist replied, citing two reasons why I saw the copied material. I think both excuses are interesting though not very compelling.

1) She claimed that my entry was presented (by eBay staff) as a sample of a great entry.

2) In June, she had asked our contact at eBay to revise her listing with new text in time for the annual eBay convention in June. But she just noticed (now in November) that the new text never went up.

My commentary is that if a professor shows you an example of a great term paper, you can’t take a paragraph out of that sample paper for your paper. I don’t think that would fly. Second, the second excuse sounds like, "If ____ had changed my text back in June, you never would have seen that I was copying you." Third, I don’t appreciate this person firing two shots at our contact at eBay. That eBay staff woman works her butt off for us, and is NOT to blame for this other person ripping off my text.

The person who copied me is lucky that I’m not a vengeful type or a typical blogger. I’m not naming her company or linking to her site. I already found a Canadian company who’s ripping HER off. So the lesson is what goes around comes around. And please don’t copy people’s marketing. I don’t even want my writing style emulated or my words paraphrased.

Bad marketing for her. It would have been nice if she had just taken responsibility, but that seems to be too much to wish for nowadays.

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