Concert Etiquette

Monday, 19 May 2008 at 1:40 am Pacific USA Time.

To the fake supermodel in 4" heels who showed up at last night’s Sparks concert so stoned and/or drunk that she and her drink appeared to be on a rocky boat, do us all a favour, and stay home or stand at the back.

She kept trying to stand on us while saying we were crowding her. Then she spilled her drink on us. She didn’t seem too sorry. Then she had words with the person I was with because according to her, he was pushing her. He was standing motionless. I think it was her rocky boat thing. He told her that all he knew was that he was standing there and had space next to him, and now he has no space next to him. She had just pushed her way to basically stand on top of him, and started making mobile phone calls.

Then she poured about half her drink on me, and tried to tell me she was sorry. When I asked her if she really was sorry, she told me to chill out – this was a concert. I asked her why she was giving me advice, and I wiped the drink off my arm onto her designer jacket. I told her that she had been in everybody’s way, which was true given the number of people trying to get by her every few minutes.

I then decided that something had to come between me and her since she still had a drink and she was still on a rocky boat. A friendly British guy soon appeared, trying to make his way through the crowd. I basically stopped him between me and her, and engaged him in conversation. He stood there the rest of the night. Mission accomplished. :)

So folks, please. You may be a fan and know most of the words to most of the songs. But pouring your drink on people and talking about them really loud to your friends, who are standing next to the people you’re talking about, is just very age 11 and absolutely not impressive. It can ruin even supermodel looks. :) Chill out. It’s a concert. You don’t need to be pouring your drinks on people for fun. You should be beyond that development stage.

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