Consumer Reports and the iPhone 4

Friday, 16 July 2010 at 11:11 am Pacific USA Time.

Consumer Reports decided to not recommend the iPhone 4 based on the documented problems with call reception based on how you hold the phone when it's not in a case.

Some people have thought this is a wrong move by Consumer Reports because they feel that otherwise, the iPhone 4 is great.

I think this is absolutely appropriate. If a blender might not work right based on how you pushed the buttons, I'd expect Consumer Reports to warn me of that. If an MP3 player might stop playing based on how you hold it, I'd think it's right for Consumer Reports to recommend another model. And don't get me started on how this relates to how your car functions! :)

I have the Evo 4G for Spring, and am very happy. I've never wanted an iPhone. I'm just not into them. I'm also not into anchovies on pizza. The iPhone 4 will still be considered a success based on sales and improved features. But I still think it's fair for Consumer Reports to say there is a documented problem that you may use to affect your buying decision.

That's the job of Consumer Reports. If they recommended a phone with potentially weird reception based on you touched it, I'd think they got paid off.

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