Contacting Dell Support

Tuesday, 31 July 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

You have to see this. You have to. And you’ll believe it.

How May I help You?

2:47:54 p System RTS Ted_162431 has joined this session!

2:47:54 p System Connected with RTS Ted_162431

2:48:04 p RTS Ted_162431 Thank you for patiently waiting. You have reached Dell Hardware Warranty Chat Support. My name is Ty and I will be assisting you today. In order for me to help you, can you provide details about the issue you’re having?

2:48:38 p Debbie Levitt I wanted to find the configuration of a machine based on the service tag. Can you please push me to the web page where I can put in the service tag and know the configuration?

2:49:04 p RTS Ted_162431 Just go to

2:49:13 p Debbie Levitt I did that! Then what do I click?

2:50:19 p RTS Ted_162431 Click manuals.

2:50:30 p Debbie Levitt hey that is completely not obvious

2:51:03 p Debbie Levitt ok but it is still not telling me what I have

2:51:08 p Debbie Levitt it’s offering me manuals for a zillion things

2:51:08 p RTS Ted_162431 I’ll pull the page for you.

2:51:16 p Debbie Levitt I’m now on

2:51:47 p Debbie Levitt We want to put in a new hard drive. I just want to know what type of hard drive I can put in and what capacity.

2:52:52 p Debbie Levitt the manuals page does NOT give me a list of what’s in this computer

2:52:57 p Debbie Levitt so my original question stands!

2:52:59 p RTS Ted_162431 Or do you want to look at for yourself?

2:53:09 p Debbie Levitt both would be great

2:53:49 p RTS Ted_162431 Ok, for your hard drive it is:20GB,HD,9.5MM,LAT C600/50 .

2:53:58 p Debbie Levitt right. what sort of HD? IDE?

2:54:14 p RTS Ted_162431 IDE.

2:54:31 p Debbie Levitt ok thanks. and I found the page too. Not under manuals.

2:54:39 p Debbie Levitt can i put an EIDE drive in? is that the same?

2:55:54 p RTS Ted_162431 It does not say that they are compatible but you are more than welcome to try.

2:56:04 p Debbie Levitt sounds bad! ok thanks for your help.

2:56:14 p RTS Ted_162431 No problem.

2:56:16 p RTS Ted_162431 Is there anything else I can help you with today?

2:56:39 p Debbie Levitt Nope. You didn’t help me find something I ended up finding, and you just told me to try to put an incompatible device in my laptop. That’ll be plenty!

2:56:59 p RTS Ted_162431 Thank you for using Dell Hardware Warranty Chat Support. Have a great day!

2:56:59 p System RTS Ted_162431 has left this session!

2:57:00 p System The session has ended!

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