Coupons I Won’t Use

Thursday, 26 February 2009 at 3:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I got a lot of coupons this month as my birthday is in February:

  1. Famous Dave's (BBQ restaurant chain) sent me a coupon for a free dessert. I do like to eat there now and again, but have never had their dessert. The dinner is always too much. So that may not pull me in.
  2. Cold Stone Creamery wanted to give me something for free. That sounded good! I don't go there much, maybe 4 times a year. Their birthday coupon last year pulled me in. This year, they wouldn't give me the coupon until I went to their site and gave them more information about me. Well, you have my email and birthday, and I'm on your list. You need more to give me a $4 ice cream? No thanks.
  3. Best Buy sent me a coupon offering me triple Best Buy Reward points if I use my Best Buy Reward Points Mastercard… which I don't have and don't want. I'm not sure triple points would make me get in my car and drive a few miles. What happened to all those 10% off coupons they used to send me? Those would be more inspiring.

So for my birthday, companies who have my email address and birthday sent me that. Coupons I won't end up using.

I think they could have better marketing plans! The idea is to get me into your stores/eateries, and hope I don't come alone, right? So give me something good! :)

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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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