Crazy Woman in My Building

Saturday, 4 July 2009 at 11:40 am Pacific USA Time.

I woke up at 6:something thinking I heard someone knocking on doors or going around the hall. I figured it was the girls next door. They tend to party late and come home at weird hours.

But it was 6:something, so I got up, and got ready to take my dog for a walk. We were headed outside probably around 6:40am. Someone was running after me as I left the building. I tried to ignore her, but when I got outside, she called after me.

Crazy lady: "Where is everybody?"

Me: "Who is everybody?"

Crazy lady: "You know. They are all waiting for me!"

Me: "I don't know you. Who is they?"

Crazy lady: "You know, Seven."

Me: "Is Seven a person?"

Crazy lady: "Yes."

Me: "I don't know anybody named Seven."

Crazy lady: "Don't you know Leah?"

Me: "No."

Crazy lady: "Well, they're waiting for me."

I went to walk my dog. I took her on a crazy long walk hoping this woman would be gone. When I got back, this woman was sitting on the benches outside the main door of our building. I didn't say anything to her, and she did not try to follow me in. It was about 7am by then.

I was laying in bed watching some TV, when around 7:30am there was a knock on the door… which is a little weird as we all have doorbells that are lit up. This is an 11-floor apartment building with all inside doors. I looked out the peephole, and it was HER. I stood in silence a moment wondering what to say or do. She just stood there and didn't seem to give up.

I finally said, "Please go away." She said, "OK," and kept standing there. My dog let out a big bark, which startled the woman, and she walked away. That meant this woman has been walking around here at least for an hour with evidently nobody to meet… even though they're ALL WAITING FOR HER! So I called the police.

I saw out the window that the police came. Two cars were talking to each other. Nobody called me back. I hoped they found her and got rid of her.

11am, I decide to take the dog for another walk. Just before I go out the front door of my building, I notice the SAME WOMAN is sitting in the lobby on the couch. It's HOURS later. I am thinking she is NOT meeting anybody! If I were meeting someone and they were going to be 5 hours late, I would go find a Starbucks and not sit around the lobby of an apartment building… not to mention that this all started at 6:30am on a Saturday morning, the 4th of July.

I took the dog for an extra long walk, and called the non-emergency number for my local police. I told them the woman was still there, and what did the police who came out earlier find? The woman said she sees a record of the call and of the officers going out, but they never reported back. I said that I was really doubting this woman's story, and I have no idea why she's here. But I think she's scary and not making any sense, and I have no idea what's going on.

There is only one way in and out of the building, and I decided I didn't want to walk past her. I decided that the dog and I would wait for someone to open the gate to go into or out of the underground parking. Someone did just as I got there. We ran in, and got the elevator to our floor. But hey, if this woman is in the building, she can get in an elevator and have access to the underground parking.

You learn, growing up in suburban NYC, to not have a giant mountain of trust for strangers. :) But you also learn that if something looks weird and acts weird, you get away, and maybe you call the police.

For all I know, this could be the Mom of someone in the building, and they ARE expecting her. But then again, everything she said this morning makes NO sense, and if someone is "waiting for her," where are they? Why isn't she calling them? Why isn't she using our building's intercom system to get them to come down?

It's 11:30, and I don't see any cops outside. I know this is low priority, but then again, it's low priority until it's not. I'll just go in and out through the parking garage, and hope I don't run into her. I have no idea why she's here or why she was knocking on my apartment door hours ago. And while I'm on that point, when she was standing out there, she never asked for help or explained why she was there. She was just knocking, and when I said to go away, she was like, "OK."


For those of you desiring a mental picture, this woman looks a bit like Penny Marshall (famous director and actress in Laverne and Shirley). She's wearing mostly black with some hot pink. She looks relatively normal, but her words and actions make no sense. And people making no sense scare me. :)

Update: The cops came. They had no way to get into the building. No key, no special code that opens the door. They were standing outside. The desk person called me and asked how they should get in. I told them to find my name in the directory and I'll buzz them in.

Well I HOPE I buzzed in cops. Who freaking knows without video. But I think the cops need a way into this building in an emergency. If someone were being attacked, and the cops were standing outside hoping someone lets them in… that would be REALLY bad.

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2 Responses to “Crazy Woman in My Building”

  1. ebuyerfb says:

    The way to get into an apartment like yours is explained in the pilot episode of “The Big Bang Theory”.

  2. I’ve being reading your blog and found your post very helpful :) . I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog!