CSI Got It Wrong

Saturday, 18 July 2009 at 7:17 am Pacific USA Time.

I was flipping by TV the other night, and I don't remember if this were a commercial or an episode, but the CSI guys were standing over a body. Not that exciting yet. :)

But in deducing I don't know what, they decided that the guy was left-handed because he wore his cell phone on the left side of his pants.

Wrong. (Envision loud X sound from Family Feud)

I am a righty, and I wear my cell phone on the left side. Why.

  • As a righty, when I carry a pocketbook, I carry it on the right. I hate when it bumps into my cell phone, or has to stand way away from me because it's on my cell phone.
  • Because of where my cell phone case tends to sit on the right side of my pants, it was bumping into where the seat belt pieces connect. That was annoying, and it was hard to battle that to get into the cell phone case.
  • If I'm a righty, then I am probably doing something with my right hand when my phone rings. Maybe I'm writing or carrying a grocery bag.

It just makes more sense for my cell phone to be near my non-dominant hand. CSI would have gotten this WAY wrong, if I were a body on the floor of a film set. :)

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Categories: Just An Observation

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One Response to “CSI Got It Wrong”

  1. ebuyerfb says:

    I saw the same thing on an episode of Law & Order SVU this past season. My phone is in my left pocket because my wallet is in the right. Plus it makes it easier to answer the call by moving the slider with my (free) right hand.