Cukor Nelkul, As Well You Know

Tuesday, 27 June 2006 at 12:14 pm Pacific USA Time.

Last night, I flew America West/US Airways from JFK in NY to Phoenix. I asked the flight attendant for a Diet Coke, and was handed a silver can with red writing.

I looked closely at it, and realised it was not an American Diet Coke can. It said "Coca-Cola light," and nothing on the can was in English. I had NO idea what language this was, but something clued me in.

Dot-HU is Hungary. How did I get a can of Hungarian Diet Coke on a New York to Arizona flight? The attendant looked through her cans, and the rest were all American Diet Coke. How did this weirdo slip in?

I drank it and I’m alive today. I guess it was OK. But I think it missed it’s connecting flight.

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