Dairy… Or Anything

Monday, 30 May 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Today’s example doesn’t come from a major company. It’s one person’s self-marketing in the efforts to get a job.

I got an email to one of my frenz.com addresses saying, "i want any kind of dairy job..there." I wrote back asking why someone was emailing the fan club website for Split Enz (a rock/alternative band) and their musical spin-off projects asking for a job in dairy.

The response was, "hello sir.. i need any type of job out there…." I replied saying that I wasn’t "sir," and that we’re not hiring. I got an email saying, "sorry mam…. i had misstaken but any way, if u can help regarding my problem than plz do send mail… ok bye 4 now"

Any type of job out there.

Note to job seekers. Writing to potential employers in instant message-speak is not great marketing of yourself and your abilities.

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