Damned If You Do…

Thursday, 25 January 2007 at 10:22 am Pacific USA Time.

In the wake of eBay’s eCommerce Forum, I’m hearing two very opposite things from different people. I tend to hear these anyway, but it seems to be magnified lately.

One group complains about eBay throwing an event like that… eBay is spending THEIR fee money on catered dinners, fun, and hotel rooms for big sellers. People are grumpy about how they see their fees being spent. Evidently, they’re not noticing Q4 sales up, stock being stronger, and the other fun stuff. They are mad that eBay fees are going to events like the Forum, which is mostly a seller appreciation event.

The other group tells me that eBay does nothing to show them appreciation. They don’t email them to thank them for selling. They don’t reach out to them. They don’t care about them. I think that these people wouldn’t be happy with anything. If eBay emailed them now to thank them, they’d probably say too little to late. If they had been invited to the Forum, they’d probably join group one in complaining about how their fees are being spent. But this group says eBay doesn’t do enough to recognise them and show them they are appreciated.

So the eCommerce Forum is mostly an event showing appreciation. Group one is against it since it’s evidently frivolous. Group two is mad that not enough appreciation is shown to them in some secret way that they want it shown.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

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