Dear Neighbour, I Took Down Your Wind Chimes

Monday, 5 April 2010 at 3:08 pm Pacific USA Time.

Dear Neighbour,

I just carried a dining room chair down my steps, walked over to your unoccupied condo, lined up my chair with your patio railing, stood on my toes, and took down your wind chimes. I left you a note about why.

I do not need to be notified that the wind is blowing. I was hoping that you would get tired of the sound any time over the past few months. But you don't seem to actually live in your condo, so you don't get to get sick of the sound you left behind.

The sound of your chimes sounds like a ship needs guidance into a Maine port. They're not soft or soothing. It is a low-toned bell. Ringing hundreds of times a day.

But you wouldn't know because you don't live here. I have never seen you come or go. This must be your vacation property. Or an investment. You painted the inside. You hung photos. You're not here. But your wind chime is.

Please be courteous of your neighbours, even those of us you don't know or don't see. That wind chime kept me awake at night, woke me when I was sleeping, and keeps me from a decent nap. I can hear the sound from every corner of my apartment even with my windows closed.


Your Neighbour At Her Wit's End

People, there is NO reason for wind chimes. None. You do not need to know when the wind is blowing. I live in a windy place. I do not need to hear these hundreds of times, day and night. If you live on a rural farm, and nobody hears them but you, hang up as many as you like. In a tight apartment complex, please consider the others living here. Zero other people in this development have wind chimes. You wouldn't know because you are never here!


Heart pounding. Not napping. Grrrr.

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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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5 Responses to “Dear Neighbour, I Took Down Your Wind Chimes”

  1. Gary Overton says:

    Couldn’t agree more

  2. OK turns out he lives here as he seems to have come home and seen my note.
    Hopefully he takes it the way I meant it, and either puts up something quiet or puts up nothing at all.

  3. Tula says:

    Some people are actually able to sleep through all manner of noise like that. I wish I were one of them :-) I don’t blame you one bit for fixing the problem.

  4. permacrisis says:

    Problem possibly solved. But if the guy puts a 400 watt per channel amplifier and a killer pair of Klipschorns in there instead, boy are you gonna be sorry…
    …Especially if he plays recordings of wind chimes on them! :-)

  5. Hillary says:

    I love wind chimes! We don’t have any but our neighbor does and I love to listen to them. Granted, they are tiny and tinkly and probably not as annoying as his were.
    My MIL has one we call the hurricane alarm as its so heavy that is pretty much the only time it would actually sound.